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Above The Caribbean Ocean, on my way to the Dominican Republic
Above the Caribbean Ocean, on my way to the Dominican Republic

My Church, St Patrick’s Anglican Church, has the tag line ‘Invite, Train, Send’. We are a welcoming bunch who love to worship God, grow in God, and spread God’s love. Ever since Charlie died, St Patrick’s not only welcomed me with loving and open arms, but they helped me pick up the pieces of my shattered life and get back on my feet. The Sunday after Charlie died, back in 2017, was the first time I attended St Patrick’s, and I keep returning to the white church with the red door, even though it’s 30 miles away and there are many closer churches for my consideration.

St Patrick’s is a growing church with an active Youth Group, Men’s Group and various outreach programs. They are especially active in short international Mission trips. Last year, a group traveled to Puerto Rico. I was intrigued, but didn’t participate.

‘Next year, I’ll go,’ I told myself. ‘I need firmer ground under my feet before attempting something like that’. I made a mental note to put it on my 2019 calendar and kept moving forward in my journey.

Word soon came that a mission trip would participate in the Dominican Republic and I volunteered to go. I didn’t know what to expect or know how to prepare, but my heart knew I needed to be on that Mission Trip.

My strongest desire in this new chapter I find myself in, is to be a blessing to someone else. So many people have blessed me ever since my husband died, by helping me emotionally, financially, spiritually, often all at the same time. People have been so generous to me. I thought by participating in a Mission Trip, I could finally be generous to someone else.

The Mission Trip was 17 ~ 24 June 2019. I returned home very early yesterday morning. I am a changed woman, albeit a tired one. I supposed only time will tell if I was a blessing to someone.

I kept a detailed journal of my experience and will be sharing it, along with photos of the trip in the coming days. I hope you will enjoy reading about my travels.