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If you follow me at all, you’ve probably realized that I follow my own path.  Despite social media experts’ advice, I like taking a break from posting on social media platforms, especially blogging ,for my own reasons.  I have a fear of being boring but am strangely comfortable with being boring for not posting often, then for posting boring stuff frequently.  My mind works in strange and mysterious ways! And my stupid keyboard is on the fritz so please forgive any missing punctuation and characters.  That in itself is reason for not posting this at all, but I’m muddling through.  Who needs a closed paranthesis anyway?  *I so need a closed parenthesis!

But I digress.  Tonight, I’m debuting my new logos.  My friend designed my current logo a few years ago, but I wanted to freshen up my look so I’m changing it.  Here they are:


I decided to go with a wordless badge because I’m edgy that way.   The tree and colors have meaning to me and I like the simplicity of it.

Here are some real world examples with the new logos, starring my cats and two concert photographs starring Braden Cameron and Miranda Lambert.

LumpyMourning 2Braden CameronML2-CMAFest16



What do you think?  I’m really curious how it will be received, but ultimately if I like it then that should be the only thing that matters.  I’ll probably play around with spacing and print colors but for the most part, I’m really happy with it.