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My dresser had been stripped, primed and painted, but needed some finishing touches before I could call it complete. After I painted the dresser purple and black, I wanted to get some Very Cool Drawer Pulls because the original ones were Very Ugly.  But first, I wanted to change the drawer contact paper.

I’m not a fan of contact paper but I really didn’t like the current contact paper that was in the drawers.  Petite rose buds just didn’t work with the cool black and purple exterior.  Even though no one would know it was there, I wanted something different, something a little classy.  I found what I was looking for at the local hardware store – white contact paper with a black swirly design.

Contact paper before

Ugly Contact Paper

Contact paper after

Ooohh, so pretty!

I hate contact paper and realized that I would need at least one beer to properly install it in my four drawers.  I took careful measurements but applying it was still a nightmare.  Two beers later and lots of swearing my work was complete.   The bottom drawer has a few more bubbles and wrinkles than the upper drawers, but I can live with them.  The drawers looked great, but still needed hardware.

I thought black drawer pulls would look awesome on my dresser, especially cup pulls.  However, I discovered that the Very Ugly drawer pulls had a Very Inconvenient drill hole width of 4 inches. I began a search for Cool Black Cup Pulls, but discovered that the average width of both cup pulls and drawer pulls was about 3 inches.  The  3.5 inch selection was somewhat limited and a 4 inch selection was very rare, if found at all.  I thought about plugging the existing holes and drilling new ones with a 3 inch width, but I really didn’t want to be bothered.  I don’t have a drill (yet) and the thought of going through all that trouble for cup pulls that didn’t really knock my socks off didn’t interest me.  Don’t get me wrong, in my search for the perfect cup pulls, I found some lovely ones, but nothing that I felt was right for my dresser.

In the end, I thought I would just get some ornate drawer pulls and simply ‘double up’ on them by having four per drawer instead of the customary two.  I again had black pulls in mind and found the online selection of drawer pulls to be a little overwhelming.  There are so many choices and I began to think of other future projects just to incorporate the use of some of them that I really liked, but weren’t right for my dresser.  Finally, I found what I was looking for at hobbylobby.com.  Wicked Cool pewter Octopi was the perfect choice for my dresser, but they were a little expensive at $7.00 each and I would need 16 of them.  Even if I bought 8, the price was still over my budget and I would have to find 8 different pulls to go with them.   Reluctantly, I passed on them and continued my search.

The Octopi wouldn’t leave me alone, though, as I kept coming back to them.  In the end, even though they were expensive, I decided to treat myself to 8 of them, but only if I found another cool design to complement them.  What goes with octopi, black and purple, though?   I already decided that the octopi would be on the out most side of the dresser drawers so something smaller could work.  I looked at black knobs, multi colored knobs, crystal knobs until I finally found the perfect knob:  a glass skull head.

Crazy, I know.  But I knew the skulls and octopi would look wicked cool against the purple drawer.  Unfortunately, the skulls were $5.00 each and I would need 8 of them.  My perfect drawer hardware had quickly became the most expensive part of the dresser.  I knew I couldn’t justify spending $100 on drawer pulls, no matter how cool they were.  I decided to revisit the hunt for the perfect drawer pulls in a few days and tried to put the octopi and skulls out of my mind.

A few days later, I returned to hobbylobby.com and saw a joyous sight:  Drawer pulls were on sale!  I did some quick math and realized that I could get the octopi and the skulls for $3 each!!  That was well within my budget and I quickly ordered them.  They arrived today.

As soon as I unwrapped them, I went to work.  For an agonizing minute I thought the octopi screws were too big for the existing holes in my drawers, but they fit with a little encouragement.  The skull next to the octopus, on a purple background looked as awesome as I had hoped.  The only thing I need to fix when I get the right tool is the inside screw length.  The skull screw, especially, is a little long inside the drawer.  For now, I’ll just have to be careful not to snag my clothes.

Bad Ass Drawer Pulls

Skull and Octopus

Skull and Ocopus

Perfect Combo!

Poking Out

Careful with the long screw

So there you have it!  My flea market find $40 dresser with the ugly drawer handles has been transformed to an awesome purple and black dresser with bad ass drawer pulls.  I absolutely love it.

dreesser 2


dresser 4

Ugly Drawer Pulls

bad ass dresser

My New Dresser!