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After buying 3Ms Safest Stripper, I carefully read the directions and applied it on the dresser, paying special attention to the grooves.  As the label said, the product didn’t have a strong odor and was safe to use indoors.  The cats were not interested in it at all (which was a small miracle!)

I left the product on longer than I should have because it dried out (don’t let that happen, otherwise somewhere a puppy dies).  Despite this, the product worked pretty well.  The outside sides were easier to strip but the panels were almost as hard to strip as the grooves.  Stripping it completely took a lot more time that I had planned and some elbow grease to boot.  I’m sure if I was more patient and used the Stripper as it should have been used (in small sections without letting it dry), it would have been an easier job for me.  But I’m a little stubborn and there was something strangely therapeutic about chipping off paint from a piece of furniture.

dresser 9

When my dresser was completely stripped, it was time to buy the paint.  I decided to go with royal purple with black trim.  As the project was a completely indoor project with cats, I didn’t want to use spray paint or have any noxious fumes.  We headed to Lowe’s and I told the Paint Guy what I needed and he pointed me to Valspar furniture paint.  I was a little hesitant about the color choices until he told me that I could probably use any Valspar color I wanted.  So for the next thirty minutes I tortured Husband into helping me decide between Blackest Night or Noir and Purple Majesty or Huckleberry.  I finally made my color decisions and Paint Guy complemented me on my ‘bold’ choices.  He also recommended using a primer base coat so the colors were uniformed.

When I got home, I started painting the primer on the drawers and dresser.  The primer dried very quickly (less than an hour) so I was able to paint the drawers, but waited on painting the dresser itself.

dresser 10

The drawer fronts was painted purple as were the top and side panels of the dresser.  The sides of each drawer was painted black.  It looked fierce!

The next day I started painting the dresser purple.  It was relatively easy because I didn’t have to be too mindful of lines and grooves because if I made a mistake, I knew I could paint over it with the black paint.  I ended up painting three coats of purple to get the royal purple color I wanted.

The trim was a little harder and needed a steady hand, which meant no beer whilst painting.  Husband thought I was crazy because I wanted the outside trim, the grooves and the inside panel grooves to be black.  I felt like a surgeon with my precision painting, especially on the inside panel grooves.  But the attention to detail paid off.  Two coats later and a couple of ‘tidy ups’, I have a bad ass purple and black dresser.  And praise Jesus my cats are still white!

dresser 11dresser 12dresser 13dresser 14

Now to find the perfect drawer pulls and for the final finishing touches.

To be continued . . .