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I’ve embarked on a new project – furniture restoration.  Granted, it isn’t photography, but as I call myself an artist, I thought it would be cool share my new project.

Earlier this Spring, Husband and I moved into a new place.  It’s an older home with lots of charm and potential and I decided I needed new furniture.

I hate shopping for furniture, because I can never find what I want.  Also, I tend to pinch pennies pretty tightly and can’t imagine spending $100 or more for a chair.  A chair!  However, I really wanted a new dresser so Husband and I went to the flea market with $200 in my pocket.  I wanted to find a dresser for myself, a dresser for Husband, and a dining chair.

Our first purchase was a tool cabinet that could be a dresser for Husband.  I bartered the price down to a reasonable $60 (though I probably could have gotten it for less if I was persistent).  After a thorough cleaning and a long drawn out fight with contact paper, the tool cabinet serves as a wonderful dresser.  I love the character of it.

Chuck Dresser

While I was looking around other stall, Husband spied a cola rack and thought it would make a perfect bakers rack for our small kitchen.  Though it wasn’t on the list, I really liked the rack and thought it would be a great piece for our kitchen and give us lots of storage space.  The asking price was $95 but after some negotiations, the price went down and I happily paid for it.

Bakers Rack

After I paid for it, though, I was a bit nervous.  I had less than $100 and still needed to find a dresser for myself and a dining chair.  We went from vendor to vendor and either I didn’t see anything I liked or the asking price was firm and very expensive.  Finally, towards the back of the flea market, I spied my dresser.

It was ugly, but had good bones.  Best of all, it was only $40.  I purchased it, but my mind was racing to figure out how I wanted to refurnish it.  The previous owner had sprayed painted it white and put some ugly, ugly drawer handles on it.  But I really liked the grooves and shape of it and decided that I would paint it, and paint the grooves black.  And definitely get better drawer handles.

dreesser 2dresser 3dresser 4

We brought everything home and I had to decide if I wanted to paint it navy blue with black trim, or royal purple with black trim.

~to be continued . . .

PS:  I also found the perfect dining chair on the way out.  $10.  Bam!