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A few months ago, I wrote about why I’m not on Instagram.  Since then, I’ve been looking for an alternative and I’m happy to say that I found it with EyeEm.

EyeEm, like Instagram, is a social media app that allows one to use creative filters, post and tag photos and follow other photographers.  It has a much smaller usage than Instagram (for now) but I think it is a much more photographer friendly app for several reasons.     

EyeEm’s terms of service is much more ‘cut and dry’ than Instagram’s and there is no question about who owns what or what could happen to images once uploaded.

EyeEm gives a photographer the option of selling photos.  This service is called ‘Market’.  By joining Market, a photographer can sell their images while maintaining ownership of the copyright.  The photographer splits the profits 50/50 with EyeEm once an image is sold.  Market also offers support with liscenses and is non-exclusive.  I have not joined Market and have no experience with it so naturally I can’t comment further.  But I find the idea appealing.  As a photographer, I would rather have the option of selling my photos outright, then having them used without my consent or knowledge.

EyeEm offers challenges, called Missions.  These Missions range from everything to submitting your best macro photo to submitting your best street photo.  Winners are awarded anything between EyeEm swag to having their image featured in The Huffington Press or other publications, or being featured prominently on EyeEm.

EyeEm offers tutorials.  These tutorials range from how to shoot in low light situations to how to capture better portraits.  EyeEm also often interviews successful photographers about their technique, gear and best practices.  As a photographer, I’ve found the best way to learn the art of photography is to see what other photographers are doing and hear about their successes and failures.

Social media is about being seen and is a great marketing tool.  But it’s important to be comfortable with your social media platforms, especially when you post photos.   What appeals to me with EyeEm is the dedication they have to photographers.  They want you to learn, not just to be seen.  They challenge you yet support you.  It is this dedication that makes EyeEm, in my opinion, the best photo sharing app.

If you are interested in joining EyeEm or are already on it, be sure to follow me at k3schultz