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I’ve never been one for making resolutions.  Maybe it’s because my birthday falls on January 1st and it seems contrary to resolve to not eat as many sweets when you have a birthday cake to look forward to.  Maybe it’s because I know myself too well.  I ‘like’ the idea of resolutions, but not the follow through.  Maybe it’s because giving up something for 40 days of Lent is hard enough and the thought of giving something up for a whole year is too much to bear.  But the reality is that I have no will power, nor do I want to over exert myself by resolving to do additional physical exercises to train to run a marathon.

This New Year some things are going to change for me.  We recently moved to a home that is closer to my work so I decided to start walking instead of driving.  I did some calculations and a round trip is three miles.  Though walking 15 miles a week is the plan, I’ll be happy walking 12 miles a week.  I don’t mind walking in the cold or in the rain but if the rain is going sideways I’m driving!  Any other walking will be bonus.  I’ve been walking since December and really enjoy the quietness of my new commute.  We are also planning to practice Yoga.  Charlie has a bum hip and we thought Yoga or Pilates would help.  I will definitely keep you posted on that!

Concerning my photography, I definitely am itching to get back into the game.  Last quarter I didn’t shoot as much as I wanted and that will change.  I’m also continuing my 365 Days of Awesomeness Photography Project on Tumblr and will try to be better on social media and write more frequently, with more posts on photography. 

So I have big plans for 2016 but am not resolving to do anything.  I have great hope for this year but know that Life can always throw curve balls.  However, I am strong enough to endure and have enough resolve to not give up when things get tricky.

May 2016 be filled with grand adventures, good health and happiness for everyone.