Think Tank Trio

Like any other photographer, gear is important to me.  It’s more than camera bodies and lenses, straps and earplugs.  Those things are important, but just as important is how you carry your gear.  For that, I turned to Think Tank.

I prefer backpacks to messenger bags because I like to feel ‘balanced’.  My go-to backpack is the Think Tank Streetwalker backpack (right photo).  It’s big enough to hold my cameras with the lens attached, so I can just grab and go.  It isn’t bulky and doesn’t scream ‘camera bag’.  Inside my back pack I keep the usual suspects of extra SD cards, pens, business cards, extra charged batteries, my lanyard, sunscreen, a pack of playing cards (because there is a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’ with concert photography), a knee brace, a bandana or hat, and my Japanese sun-protection sleeves.  All Think Tank bags come with a rain cover, too, with is a nice bonus.

This Spring, I picked up the Think Tank Streetwalker Hardrive (left photo).  This bag has a lot more storage, though is bulkier.  However, it is still small enough to fit in a carry on bin.  It’s big enough to carry everthing my smaller backpack carries while having room for extra lenses and even clothes.  It also has a slot that can easily hold a laptop.  This bag is perfect for trips.  I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to pick it up.

Finally, I picked up the Think Tank Photo TurnStyle Sling camera bag (center photo) specifically for CMA Fest. When I was in Detroit for the Taylor Swift concert, I noticed my friend, Scott, had a similar bag around his waist.  He had papers and ‘guy junk’ in it and I was intrigued.  I asked him about it and he highly recommended it.  I picked up the Think Tank version and have been extremely happy with it.  I like that I can wear it around my waist or sling it over my shoulder.  It isn’t big enough to hold an extra lens (at least for me), but is great for when I need extra pockets, especially during CMA Fest.  Because it was so hot, I didn’t want to carry a backpack, but needed something to hold gear.  I wore my Op-tech strap and the bag around my waist.  Inside the bag I had my Coolpix camera for quick candid crowd shots, plus a poncho, sunscreen, deodorant, cooling wipes, my cell phone and my lens caps.  It was the perfect arrangement because I had everything I needed without feeling bogged down.

Camera bags come in all shape and sizes.  It’s important to pick one (or two, or three) that will fit your needs and still protect your gear.  Think Tank is the perfect system for me and I highly recommend them.