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Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset

I didn’t intend to be away from my writing for so long.  My plans for the first week of May were drastically different than the reality that unfolded.  I don’t want to discuss it in depth but on May 1st, we suffered a major disappointment that rocked me to the core.  (Don’t worry – no one died – it was photography related).  Chuck and I needed to refocus so on a whim, we headed south and ended up in Pensacola for a few days.

There is something magical and extremely therapeutic about being at the ocean.  I don’t know if it’s the rhythm of the waves crashing ashore or the consistency of the tides, or the sense of smallness one has when gazing out to the horizon.  Regardless, recent hurts and disappointments slowly ebbed away.  In the roar of the waves, I heard wisdom. Under the shine of the stars I felt peace.  And during our stay, I found clarity.

The ocean is eternal and omniscient.  It teaches us that like the tides, in life we can’t have a high without a low.  It teaches us that it’s perfectly natural to express emotions whether they be angry or calm or anything in between. It reminds us that a calm surface can be misleading, and the best treasures are found within. The ocean has seen things come a go, is refuge for both beautiful creatures and monsters alike and is immune to whims of fancy.  It has faced danger, whether from reckless humans or equally forceful acts of nature, yet it continues on as itself.  It is a powerful role model.

Yes, we suffered a major disappointment. But the ocean reminded me that a high is bound to cycle back.  It’s inevitable. It whispered ‘Stay strong, remain consistent and keep going’.  Thank you, Ocean, for your wisdom.