When I first started out as a photographer, I was very proud of my ‘Nikon’ camera strap that hung around my neck.  But after a few months, the strap became uncomfortable and I wanted to get something that would let me shoot as long as I wanted to, without having neck or back pain from the camera.

I started looking at other photographers’ straps and realized I wanted a strap that could handle two camera bodies.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, but I knew without a doubt what I didn’t want:  A camera strap that attached to a camera body’s tripod mount.

Most concert photographers I knew had a camera strap that attached to a camera’s tripod mount.  It seemed the norm.  But I didn’t like it one bit.  A tripod mount is designed to attach a camera to a tripod – not to support a camera and a heavy lens.  In fact, as I was researching camera straps, I came across an uncomfortable amount of reviews for tripod mounted straps that stated that the strap had failed, causing damage to thousands of dollars of camera equipment as it hit the floor.  Nope, tripod mounted camera straps were not going to cut it.

Luckily for me, I discovered Op/Tech camera straps.  This was the perfect system for me because the straps are made here in the USA and are made from comfortable neoprene material.  The system looked very customizable, too.  This is great because as camera needs change, so could the strap.  Best of all, the strap attaches to the original camera strap mount and not the tripod mount.

I decided the Op/Tech Double Sling camera strap would be the best option for me and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  It’s easily converted to a single camera strap if needed and the connections are very secure.  Because the strap connects to your camera’s own strap mounts and not the tripod socket, your camera remains balanced, without any additional or unwanted strain placed on it.  I’ve used it for everything from a D3000 and D90, to a D90 and D4, complete with professional lenses.  I’ve had two cameras on the strap for many a long day but never felt any chaffing or experienced any ‘shoulder dents’ once I took it off.  It is very comfortable and I feel my equipment is very secure with it.  Whether I’m carrying one camera or two, the weight is distributed evenly on my shoulders and is balanced.

The male/female clip connectors are very secure yet very easy to operate.  But if you want extra security, or extra piece of mind, consider the Secure-Its.  These simply wrap around the clip connectors for extra security.  In fact, they are so secure, they were able to keep a D4 with a f/2.8 70-200mm lens attached to the strap without the clip connectors connected.  (To be sure, I held my camera above my bed just in case).  But, in the unlikely event of the clip connectors becoming unclipped ‘in the field’, the Secure-It ties could save the day. And lots of expensive equipment.

Op/Tech provides a variety of straps, pouches and accessories that are completely customizable to fit your needs.  The neoprene padding is super comfortable and I love that the products are made here in the USA.  Buy their straps.  Your back and shoulders will thank you.  So will your camera.