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This past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure and incredible opportunity to cover Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea, as they closed their North American tour in Chicago and Indianapolis.  The concert was amazing and I was a more than a little nervous covering the event.

I have a silly superstition where I don’t like to talk about shoots or who I”m going to shoot until it’s over.  I guess I’m a little afraid of the added pressure from peers (or more likely myself).  ‘So, Kelly’s shooting so and so this weekend.  It better be good.’  I know, I’m crazy and more than insecure.  Also, I don’t like to name drop people, either.  I also like to think of performers in the simplist terms possible.  I don’t think of Taylor Swift as the biggest musical act of the year but rather Girl with a Guitar.   Herbie and Chick were thought of Two Guys and A Piano.  It calms the nerves.

Since this weekend was so successful I’m feeling more confident and actually like the photos I captured.  This image is a particular favorite of mine.  It’s like Herbie and Chick are thinking ‘So, what do you want to play?’  The rest of the photos can be viewed on my site in the Jazz Gallery at k3schultz.com  Or you can pick up a copy of Downbeat Magazine in a couple of weeks.