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Yellow Lions

I must have been taking too many silly quizzes on Facebook lately, because all day I’ve been thinking of what kind of flower I’d be.  Tulips, roses and cala lillies are my favorites, but after thinking about it, I decided I’d be a dandelion.

I know it sounds weird because so many people consider dandelions a blemish on their otherwise pristine lawns.  Dandelions aren’t wanted, are easily overlooked and are often destroyed without a second thought.  Why would I want to align myself with a weed?

If you look deeper at dandelions, you’ll soon see the appeal:

Dandelions are one of the first flowers of Spring and because of this, they are an important food source for bees.  They also usually are a child’s first bouquet and ‘flower crown’

Dandelions are resilient – they bloom in the most amazing and impossible places.  We’ve all seen them peeking out of city sidewalk cracks and I’ve even seen them bloom on a side of a cliff!

Dandelions are edible.  Every part of them can and have been used for everything from salads to wine.  They are rich in antioxidants and have more protein than spinich.  They are also medicinal and have been used as a diuretic, which can help diabetes, hypertension, and urinary disorders.

Dandelions don’t fade away, instead their seeds take flight on the wind.

This is what I’ve learned from dandelions.   Although it’s hurtful to be overlooked and feel unwanted, it’s important to be true to yourself.  Though some people may not appreciate you, there are others (remember the bees) who can’t wait to see you.  Don’t ever forget that you are a thing of beauty.

Dandelions don’t quit.  Just ask any gardener who pulled up one only to have two more reappear.  It’s important to stay strong even in the harshest environments, just like the dandelion on the side of the cliff.  Sure, some people may spray you with insults and try to rip your dreams away but don’t let them.  Stay strong and keep moving forward to your dream.

Dandelions are healthy.  Sure, I love ice cream (I mean, really love ice cream), but it’s important to stay active, fit and healthy.  Besides, it’s easier to work towards a dream when you are just as physically strong as you are mentally and emotionally strong.

All things come to an end eventually.  But everyone, even if they aren’t an artist, wants their legancy to continue on when they’re gone.  Create something that can continue to live, whether it’s a piece of art or tradition that will be passed to generations to come.  Much like the seeds of a dandelion dancing on the wind, you will continue to fly.

Roses are beautiful.  So are tulips, cala lillies and a thousand other flowers.  But the dandelion, for me, has the most to offer.  Be a dandelion.  Be fearless.  Be strong.  And never stop growing.