I live a very exciting life, but some days are more exicitng than others.  Take today, for instance.  This morning, I woke up to about 15 texts from my co-workers wondering if the office will be open on account of the weather.  (The sky fell on Nashville last night in the form of snow).  Anyway, in my sleepy stupor I realized the office was not going to open but would likely open later in the morning.  So I did the reasonable thing and went back to sleep.  Later, I got up and went to get some coffee when I noticed that something was horribly wrong.

I sleep with ear plugs because my husband snores like a bear.  I have a very nice pair of ear plugs that I wear for my concert photography, but for some unknown reason when I sleep, I use cheaper orange silicone plugs.  Well, this morning when I went to remove the cheaper plugs, one of them broke in half.  When I tried to gently remove the remaining piece, I ended up pushing it deeper into the ear canal.  It was horrible.

I ended up going to the ENT to get it removed.  It was an anxious time for me as worst case scenarios flashed in my head.  But eventually, the piece was removed and I’m happy to report no damage was done.  The piece was lodged right next to my ear drum.  I’m an over achiever.  If I’m going to get something lodged into my ear canal I’m going to make sure it’s lodged next to my ear drum.

The office never opened and I spent my snow day at the ENT.  But I learned a valuable lesson:  1~  Ear Eraser Ear Plugs will no longer be used exclusively for concerts.  2~  My life is never boring!