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My dream, as an individual, is to inspire people.  I want people to see me as someone who doesn’t give up, who believes in herself and who is living her life, not just muddling through it.  I want someone to say to themselves ‘I did this because Kelly showed me how to work hard, how to stand up after a fall and how to spread my wings.’

Last night, while falling asleep during the Oscars, I was inspired by Lady Gaga.  I was tucked in bed but didn’t have my glasses on.  Suddenly, I saw a blurry figure on the screen and heard the voice of an angel.  I asked Chuck who was singing and to my surprise he answered ‘Lady Gaga’.

Now, I love Lady Gaga.  I love her independence and her confidence and even her quirky outfits.  I just didn’t know she could sing like that!  I must have watched her performance a million times, and each time I remained spellbound.

I think Lady Gaga surprised a lot of people last night but for me, she inspired me.  She reminded me the importance of stepping out of ones comfort zone, to try something different and to believe in yourself.  That is inspiring.  And that’s what I want to be.