A few days ago, a collegue asked me for advice on a new camera.  Without missing a beat I told her to invest in a Nikon.  Here’s why:

1~  It was very hard for me to make the jump from 35mm film photography to digital photography.  I thought using digital was akin to cheating, especially when used with Photoshop.  However, I realised film photography was dying out, and I wanted to invest in something that would last for years, and was ‘customisable’ to my needs. I asked a lot of photographers, both professional and hobbyst, which camera system they preferred (Nikon or Canon) and the results were very interesting to me. 100% of the professional photographers recommended a Nikon, while hobbyst recommended a Canon.  When I was buying a camera, I had no idea that I would eventually be a professional photographer, but I went with Nikon because it was the choice of professional photographers.  It was a decision I have never regretted.
2~  Nikon has a high reputation of lens quality with their Nikkor lenses.  Canon vs Nikon bodies is akin to Coke vs Pepsi in many ways, but the Nikkor lenses are sweet!  Another point to Nikon.
3~  Nikkor lenses (as well as Nikon compatible lenses) work on any Nikon body.  Canon lenses don’t.  Photography is an expensive hobby and if I’m going to spend my hard earned money on camera equipment, I want a system (camera body) that will support any lens I buy or rent without having to buy an additional converter or adaptor.  My one friend didn’t heed my advice and went with an entry level Canon DSLR and bought several lenses to go with it.  She then wanted to upgrade her camera body and did, but then realized her lenses wouldn’t fit the upgraded body without a converter.  A converter or an adaptor can cause as much as a lens!  It’s silly!  Meanwhile, I can use a $2,000 lens on an entry level Nikon body with no problem (expect it would look a little silly).  Unless money is no object, to me it made sense to go with Nikon because the system was most customisable as I grew into my niche.
4~  For completeness sake, it should be known that I don’t shoot video so I have no idea or experience with Nikon’s or Canon’s video capacities.  But as far as photography goes, I’m Nikon all the way.
Regardless of which camera system you invest in, photography is a great way to express yourself and create art.  I love my Nikons and happily recommend them to any photographer.