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I am a strange and unusual being. I love being different from everyone else but don’t like to seek out attention for being so.  I like to distinguish myself subtlety and if the general public doesn’t notice then that’s OK. Because I notice.  I’ll tie my shoes differently than everyone else.  I’ll wear a unique piece of jewelry.  Or I’ll drop the ‘the’ when saying something like ‘he was admitted to hospital’ (people love that one).  See, I told you I was a strange and unusual being.   I like being different.

I like to be different with my craft, too.  One way to differentiate my photography is to try to capture a perfect photo when the shutter is released. It sounds obvious but so many photographers, in my opinion, place the importance on the editing process.  Editing is important, to be sure, but can be and often is over done.  In concert photography, I like a little blur, and little graininess. It adds interest to me.  If an image is too perfect, it looks flat to me and even fake.  Boring and commonplace.  I dont’ do boring.

I learned photography from my father on a Minolta 35mm camera.  He taught me the importance of lighting, knowing your environment and knowing your camera.  But developing (get it) your own style is equaly important. 

My style is raw. Organic. Real.  I’ve been called a ‘moment capturer’ and have been compared to Bob Gruen.  In a world where everyone wants to be a concert photographer, I’m different.  And I couldn’t be happier.

Photo courtesy of lovethispic.com