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I have an iMac that is several operating systems old.  Although I keep my photographs on a separate external hard drive, my trusty Mac has been acting difficult lately, because the start up disk is almost full.  Whenever the warning pops up (usually when I’m editing photographs), I want to throw it against the wall.  So I’ve been trying to free up space on my desktop by deleting old files completely or moving them to either the external hard drive or Google Docs.

A few days ago, I was moving some of my older writings onto Google Docs when I open a file called ‘poems’.  I reread what I had written with pleasure, especially the older poems that were clearly written when I was in college.  I may post some of them in the future.

One unfinished poem caught my eye.  It started with the line ‘Growing Up In Shadows Is No Place To Live’.  Without getting into the nature of the poem, the line struck me because I think individuals, especially creative types, place themselves in shadows of their own making.  We compare ourselves to others like apples to oranges and often don’t see the value of what we create.  Living in shadows is ‘safe’ and ‘easy’.  But it’s no place to create.

So step out of the shadows!  Lift up your face to the sun and embrace yourself! Embrace your creativity that is uniquely you and keep on creating.  No one else sees the world as you do so don’t be afraid of sharing your vision of it.  Besides, not everyone likes oranges.