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Last year, the Walt Disney company made buckets of money from an animated queen singing about letting go.  It’s a great song with a great message (and I’ve resisted every urge to post it). 

2014 was my annus horribilis and I had to let many things go.  I wish I could report that when I did, I was spinning around and conjured up an ice castle to live in, but the reality is I cried. A lot.  I was broken, miserable and couldn’t see how I’d ever get over things. But eventually the tears dried up.  I had to ‘let it go’.  I had to move on.

The problem with moving on is that sometimes, you have no idea where to move on to.  Or have the means to move on. Sometimes, too, when you’ve thought you’ve moved on, a small reminder of your past pops up, usually unexpectedly.  You’re reminded of what you once had.  It’s a horrible experience.

Living in transition sucks when you’re trying to move on.  But life is transition and ever changing.  I’ve learned the hard way, the minute you think you ‘have it all’, it can all end without warning.  Life isn’t fair. It can be hard but it has so much potential to be beautiful.  It’s OK and even helpful to cry and grieve for what is gone, but you must move on.

I let a lot of things go in 2014.  But I’m still here.  I let go, learned lessons and am moving on. And I couldn’t be happier because the best is yet to come.