January 1st is my birthday.  Having a birthday on January 1st is pretty special, too.  Everyone celebrates with you whether they know it’s your birthday or not.  You always have the day off and sometimes, like this year, your birthday celebrations get extended through the weekend.  And, it starts on New Year’s Eve, too.

Yes, it’s good to be a New Year’s Day baby but there are disadvantages as well.  For instance, as a child, I rarely was able to have a birthday party on my actual birthday. I don’t know if my friends parents were always hungover from the night before but I remember my Mom explaining to me that my birthday party had to be scheduled for later in the week because my friends had ‘plans’ with their family on January 1st.  Whatever. Losers.  When I was able to have my birthday party on the 1st, I couldn’t have it at Chuck E Cheese’s or McDonald’s like my friends did, because restaurants were closed.  That meant no birthday song serenades by complete strangers or no free birthday cake.  Having a January 1st birthday sucked as a child because everyone just wanted to stay home, nurse their hangovers and watch football.

But as an adult, boy does Time make up for it, as noted above.  I’m usually pretty quiet around strangers but not in the last week of December.  I’ll strike up a conversation with them just to casually mention that January 1st is my birthday.  I crave the attention that I didn’t get as a child.  If I could get away with it, I’d wear a crown, have rose petals thrown in my path and proudly sing out ‘It’s my birthday!’ to every person who crosses my path.

The best benefit of having a New Year’s Day birthday is that I’m exempt from making a New Year’s resolution.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s some examples:

‘I resolve to eat better in the New Year.’  Can’t, because it’s my birthday and I deserve cake.

‘I resolve to exercise more in the New Year.’  Nope, unless lifting a fork full of birthday cake counts as exercising.

‘I resolve to limit my intake of ice cream in the New Year.’  I can have two scoops of ice cream because it’s my birthday.  (Besides, ice cream is a good source of calcium and Vitamin D).

‘I’m giving up coffee in the New Year.’  Now that’s just crazy talk, birthday or not.

I know what you’re thinking ~ I’m just making excuses.  It’s not true, though, because I do want to exercise more in the New Year and I do want to eat well.  Just not on my birthday.  But now my birthday is officially over and everyone is heading back to whatever passes as normalcy in their lives, I resolve to make this the best year I can. And eat plenty of ice cream.