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Yesterday was a cold rainy day here in Nashville.  Chuck had to work in the morning and I had an impressive ‘to do’ list to complete.

One of my habits is staying in my jams as long as possible.  As soon as I come home from work, I put them on and keep them on as long as I can on the weekend.  But there is something wonderful about having a dedicated Jammy Day ~ and that’s what yesterday turned into.

Instead of tackling my ‘to do’ list, I researched how to blog, as this is new for me, worked on my 365 Days of Awesomeness photography project, pretended I was a rock star (much to the annoyance of my cats), and occasionally watched the NCIS marathon that was on TV all day.  By the time Chuck came home, the rain had picked up, the temperature had dropped and I had no intention of changing out of my jams.

Today, I’m running around like a crazy person trying to catch up on my ‘to do’ list from yesterday, plus all the stuff I have to do today, including laundry.  But it’s all good.  I’ve finally realized that I’ll always have a ‘to do’ list and it’s OK if it doesn’t get completed the same day.  Sometimes, you just need to stay in your jams all day.  Relax, recharge and rock on.