A few days ago, I wrote that Chuck and I are relaunching Yummy Days.  Here are the 12 Days of 2015 (note, we live in Nashville):

~ Go on a General Jackson cruise.  The General Jackson is a showboat that cruises the Cumberland River from the Opryland Hotel to downtown Nashville and back.  The cruise usually include a dinner and a show ~ the perfect date.  I hope we pick this in the summer!

~  Stay at a downtown hotel, go on a carriage ride and to dinner.

We live relatively close to downtown, but there is something romantic about staying at a  nice hotel to get away.  Downtown Nashville has many spectacular hotels with dining options are too many to mention and what could be more romantic than ending the evening in a carriage ride?

~  Go on a Ghost Tour

This just sounds like fun!

~  Take a day trip to Lynchburg

Jack Daniels.  Done!

~  Stay at the Opryland Hotel

Chuck and I met whilst working at the Opryland Hotel.  The hotel has three conservatories with paths and many restaurants.  It will be a treat to stay where we met.

~  Take a class together

An art, cooking class, or a dancing class.  We’re never too old to try something new

~  Go to a local sporting event then to drinks

Nashville is home to the Tennessee Titans, the Nashville Predators and the Nashville Sounds (AAA baseball).  I hope we pick this during hockey season when the Preds play Toronto or the Maple Leafs (or any other Canadian team)

~  Go to dinner and a show – but not for work

This may seem like a strange date for us as we cover shows, but this date can in no way be work related.  We don’t normally cover musical theatre or the ballet (what is WRONG with us?!) so I think it’s a safe bet that we’ll spend the evening at TPAC

~  Go on a Nashville tour

Explore our own city – the Parthenon, the tourist traps on lower Broadway, the Hermitage.  You know, be a tourist!

~  Weekend trip to Atlanta

IKEA here I come!  Plus, be a tourist in Atlanta

~  See Rock City

Tennessee has probably hundreds of painted barns that simply say ‘See Rock City’.    OK

~  Pub/Restaurant Crawl

With the many dining options in town, it would be fun to sample something at a few different places

So there you have it.  The official 12 Yummy Days of 2015