Yesterday, I started my new blog and expressed my excitement for the coming New Year.  One thing that I’m very excited about is the return of Yummy Days.

Earlier this month,  my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary of when we started dating.  December 21st has always been recognized as our ‘official’ anniversary even though we actually got married on May 17th.  For several years, we would have a monthly anniversary celebration, usually on either the 17th or the 21st of the month, whichever was closest to the weekend.  We called these celebrations ‘Yummy Days’.   Yummy days would be basically a fun date night. We would go out to dinner at a new restaurant or go to a movie or simply hang out and not worry about the world.  Unfortunately, we got out of the habit of celebrating yummy days a few years ago.  Life got in the way or we got busy, and suddenly a beloved tradition was lost.

No more, I say.  Starting in the New Year we are reintroducing Yummy Days. By New Year’s Eve, both of us will dream up with six date activities and place our dates in a jar.  At the beginning of each month we’ll draw a date from the jar to celebrate that month.   We’re still thinking of date ideas but I’m so excited that Yummy Days are coming back.